About Us

Through collaboration with campus, community, and China-based educational partners, the UCLA Confucius Institute has offered programs that provide opportunities for the study of Chinese language and culture across our region and in China. Recognizing the wealth of history, expertise, and resources available in California, our programs are designed to connect experts and communities, engage new audiences, and advance UCLA's mission of teaching, research, and public service. In 2020 the arrival of covid-19 in our community revealed how truly interconnected our world has become and demonstrated the need for strong global relationships and open channels of communication. For more than a decade, the Confucius Institute has provided UCLA with a platform for building partnerships with our neighbors and colleagues abroad. We have partnered with cultural and educational institutions to offer impactful experiences for diverse audiences. Our programs have spanned disciplines, geographies, and ages—from K-12 world music programs, to professional development opportunities for California's Chinese language teachers, to MBA student research projects, international conveignings on the Silk Road, lectures, concerts, film screenings, and exhibitions. Now as we see the effects on climate change and environmental destruction increase, the relationship between China and the US becomes even more consequential. In response to this rapidly changing world, UCLA will now pause its Confucius Institute program to re-imagine new opportunities for global engagement and collective problem solving. As we evolve into a new phase, we want to thank the extraordinary program partners we worked with, especially Shanghai Jiao Tong University, our China partner university. Though 2020 will mark the end of one era, it will also mark the beginning of another. The seeds planted on the CI platform have matured and will continue to live on under the guidance of our campus and community partners.
Currently there are over 500 Confucius Institutes operating on 6 continents around the world, 6 are located in California (San Francisco State University, San Diego State University, California State University, Long Beach, Stanford University, UC Davis, and UCLA).
An introduction to our Staff and the Board of Directors.
The Advisory Committee provides guidance on program development and focus that has helped us build a sustainable and effective Confucius Institute.
To increase the quality and impact of our programs, the UCLA Confucius Institute builds programs with campus, community and international partners.
There are many opportunities to become involved in the Confucius Institute, and the work of our project partners.
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