How to Become a Mandarin Teacher for K-12 in the California Public Schools

Why Mandarin?
Nationwide there is a growing demand for certified Mandarin instructors. Mandarin has been identified as a 'critical language' by the US government. Currently, California faces a shortage of qualified Chinese teachers to teach in the public schools. Pursuing a career in teaching Mandarin is a great way to impact students and give back to the community.

Mandarin Teacher Credentialing Options, Area Resources and Basic Requirements for Certification:
Which certification you choose depends upon who you want to teach (i.e., elementary or high school students?) and what you want to teach (i.e. only Mandarin or Math, Science, Art and Mandarin?). Below are different credentialing options:

1. Multiple Subject Credential
If you would like to teach different subjects at the elementary school level, then you would pursue the Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. The teacher with this credential is authorized to teach many subjects (e.g., Math, Science, Art, etc.) to one fixed group of students who stay in the same classroom throughout the day, most often found in elementary school settings.

2. Single Subject Credential
If you prefer to teach at the secondary level, then you would pursue the Single Subject Teaching Credential. With this credential you are authorized to teach a specific academic subject (e.g. Mandarin, Science, Math, Art) most often in departmentalized classes such as typically found in most middle and high schools. (In secondary schools students change classrooms and teachers as they change periods and subject matter.) View list of subjects available for Single Subject Teaching Credentials.

Area Resources and Basic Entry Requirements
View list of schools in the southern California area offering teaching credentialing programs with Mandarin emphasis. Learn more about job opportunities in teaching Mandarin and useful resources for potential teachers of Mandarin. Learn more about entry requirements for both credentials.

Frequently Asked Questions
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