The Multilingual Literacies of Immigrant Children: Social Justice Inquiries through a Photographic Lens

Thursday, May 24, 2018 - 3:30pm to 5:00pm
This event, sponsored by the UCLA Center for the Study of International Migragtion, features the work of María Paula Ghiso from the Teachers' College, Columbia University.
This presentation draws from a seven-year project that has documented bilingual children’s engagement with a photography and literacy curriculum that sought to attend to their cultural and linguistic resources. Students in grades K-3 were given cameras as tools to center their experiences, inquiries, and social justice concerns. The presentation explores how the children made visible the social and political dynamics they face because entrenched hierarchies around race, class, language difference, and documentation status, and used multimodal texts to reposition immigration as an epistemic resource. Their inquiries also referenced the political implications of navigating multiple languages—such as choices of what languages to use in what spaces and the complexities of family relationships in multilingual contexts. This presentation explores what we can learn from children and families of immigrant backgrounds, and how we might be more attuned to their insights and experiences in the curriculum.
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Moore Hall Room 3027, UCLA