Located in a region that is home to the largest Chinese-speaking community in the United States, there are many opportunities to study and speak Mandarin language in Los Angeles and at UCLA.   The UCLA Confucius Institute is working with a wide array of local and international partners to expand the opportunities for students of all ages to study Chinese language on our campus, in our community, and abroad.

Key to the mission of the UCLA Confucius Institute is bringing together education professionals from the U.S. and China to strengthen instructional practices and materials for teaching Mandarin, and provide opportunities for teachers to integrate Chinese history and culture into their subject areas.  We work with university partners to help prepare future credentialed teachers. Our Mandarin Teaching Scholars Program places teachers-in-training in K-12 schools that want to introduce the language to their curriculum.   Our monthly professional development sessions provide training in standards-based instruction, help teachers enhance their leadership skills, and develop a network for materials sharing and communication.

In 2009 the State of California adopted World Language Content Standards (WLCS) for use in its K-12 public schools.  The UCLA Confucius Institute is working with teacher educators and language professionals to develop materials and related training programs such as the Mandarin Teacher Leadership Institute, aimed at improving language teaching practices and student outcome.

The Instructional Guide for Mandarin project is a multi-year, multi-media project that provides practical resources for teachers, school administrators, and materials publishers, about the WLCS and how they relate to K-12 Mandarin teaching in our state.  This project has been a collaborative effort made possible by the work of a dedicated team of education professionals.

Mandarin translations of the California World Language Content Standards have been created in both simplified and traditional Chinese characters.

Opportunties for graduate student and faculty research in China are now available through the Confucius Institute program. 

The Confucius Institute regularly presents public lectures and workshops by distinguished scholars and artists on a variety of topics.   Please check the Event Calendar for a list of upcoming events.

Each year the UCLA CI presents many programs showcasing the rich cultural and artist traditions of China, the impact these traditions have on Americans, and the many creative collaborations taking place that span the Pacific. UCLA is fortunate to be situated in a international cultural center through which many distinguished artists and cultural leaders pass each year.   

Center for East West Medicine (CEWM) is part of UCLA's Collaborative Centers for Integrative Medicine (CCIM), a campus-wide, interdepartmental effort dedicated to the practice, teaching, and science of complementary, alternative, and integrative medicine.  The Confucius Institutes partners with CEWM on projects that offer students the opportunity to learn about the fundamentals of an integrative approach to medicine, as well as projects that further the understanding of Chinese medicine through the development of specialized  Mandarin language curriculum for medical professionals and a methodology for the translation of medical terminology.

The Confucius Institute offers tailored programs and funding to study in China for UCLA graduates and for short and long term study and research in China.

The UCLA Confucius Institute collaborates with area schools to support language and cultural programs that match each school’s unique strengths.  We have established Confucius Classroom partnerships with Broadway Elementary School in Venice, the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, Norton Space and Aeronautics Academy in San Bernardino, International Studies Learning Center in South Gate, and University High School in West Los Angeles.